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Mindfull Plate is an in-home meal concierge, making it easier for you to eat with confidence.

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We take the hassle out of meal planning , giving you the gift of quality time around the table.

"Everything was Amazing! This week you totally hit it out of the park, we loved everything. My husband could probably drink your chimichurri sauce straight out of the jar."

"You've done the impossible, my toddler is devouring your chicken shawarma!"

"Everything was truly amazing. The miso chicken was a huuuuuge hit, and this was the first Caesar dressing that did not give me a stomach ache! We loved everything."

"This is exactly what I need, meals for myself without the hassle so I can focus on the girls"

As a society, we often prioritize convenience over nutrition when it comes to food.

At Mindfull plate, we are passionate about providing nutritious meals to our community and empowering individuals to make informed food choices. We believe that eating healthy should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of income, lifestyle, culinary skills or dietary requirements.

For many individuals, finding the time to plan and prepare meals can become overwhelming. That's why we offer private sessions in your home, where we cook balanced meals tailored to meet your needs. Our dishes can be mixed and matched, allowing you to switch things up throughout the week. We value the importance of food diversity and hope to bring a variety of flavors into your home.

We understand that every(body) is different and want to make sure you get to eat the kind of food that works best for you. 


Meet The Founder

Laura James is the creative force behind Mindfull Plate, and she wants to empower you with nourishment. She's not your typical chef—a right-brained artist who wields flavors and ingredients as her medium, a writer who tells stories through the recipes she creates, and a humanitarian who believes in the power of food to transform lives. Her journey into the world of culinary arts may not have been conventional, but it's been a path of passion and purpose.


It begins in the bustling heart of New York City, where she spent years designing handbags in a tiny 250-square-foot storage room. The fashion industry promised creative expression, but she longed for something more profound—a chance to make a positive impact within her community. In her mid-twenties, she took a leap of faith and transitioned into an entirely different world, becoming a full-time nanny. Little did she know, this decision would serve as the catalyst for her culinary journey. In the family's kitchen, she re-discovered her love for cooking and the transformative power of food.


Holistic healing has always been a core value in her life, nurtured by her mother’s belief in the power of natural remedies. Her grandfather, a remarkable cook, passed down his culinary wisdom, and she believes her skills in the kitchen are a testament to that lineage. In 2023, she decided to combine her passion for holistic healing with her love of food, giving birth to Mindfull Plate. Here, she's not just a chef; she's your culinary guide, your wellness advocate, and your partner in making positive changes whilst creating memories around the table. Whether you're looking to revamp your eating habits or simply savor the joy of nutritious, delicious food with family, she's there to guide you.

"Food should not only be sustenance, but also a celebration of life's abundance."

-Chef Laura James

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