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Client Guide

How to prepare for your first session -Empty the dishwasher & sink. -Clear at least one shelf in the refrigerator. -Test stove burners, oven, broiler & dishwater to make sure they are functioning. if something doesn't work, please let us know in advance. -Set aside clean food storage containers. -Make sure you have olive oil, salt, pepper, tin foil & parchment paper for cooking. Plus, soaps, dish rags, trash bags, and a broom for clean up. -Double check you have the items we require clients to have -Make sure someone is home to let in the chef at their scheduled time of arrival or that kitchen is accessible without guidance. -Familiarize your chef with the home (smoke alarms, pets, trash, recycling, wash rooms, etc.) -If your service was exceptional and you'd like to tip, please do so in cash. -Friendly Reminder for Weekly Meal Prep: Your chef(s) are there to cook for you, not set the table or serve you.

What items we require clients to have Mixing bowls Large cutting board (no glass) Tongs, Spatula, whisk 2 Baking sheets (Lg & Sm) 2 Pots & 2 Pans Salt (free of grinder) Olive Oil or Avocado Oil Necessary cleaning products (dish soap, surface spray, dish towels) Glass storage containers Blender of some sort

Nice to have items Veggie Peeler Crockpot Food Processor Stand Mixer Spiralizer Lemon Squeezer Microplane Zester Garlic Crusher Cheese Grater Immersion Blender

Granting access to your chef Share entry/exit instructions via text/email Familiarize your chef with the home (smoke alarms, pets, trash, recycling, wash rooms, etc.)

Cancelling or rescheduling a session Clients who are subscribed to our weekly meal prep subsctiption, cannot cancel service until their subscription period has ended (after 4 weeks). If you need to reschedule a session for a different day of the week, we will do our best to accomodate, but cannot gaurantee we will have chefs available. We ask you let us know a week or 7 days ahead of time. Clients may skip 1 session every 3 months due to vacation or other circumstances, without being charged. If you need to skip a session, you must give us 14 days (2 weeks) notice to avoid being charged the service fee. Clients can do so by sending an email to or messaging us in the chat.

Providing feedback We will reach out to you a few days after your session to see how you liked the service. We appreciate all feedback, positive and negative, so we can make improvements where necessary.

Payment policy Upon menu selection and account creation, you will be taken to a payment page where you can choose your service plan. Your first service payment is charged at this time and will recurr every week on the day of your session. You will be invoiced for your session groceries separatley. All invoices are due within 24 hours of receit to avoid being charged a 10% late fee for each day past due.

Subscriptions We offer a discounted rate to customers who subscribe our weekly meal prep service. If you choose to cancel in the middle of your subscription period, you will still be charged for the current subscription period. If you do not notify us that you would like to cancel your subscription, it will remain active and you will continue to be billed. Subscribing to a monthly plan guarantees you a designated time slot every week. You can reschdule your session for a different day during your subscription period, provided you give us at least 7 days notice, and subject to chef availability.

Suggested Tupperware can be purchased at the below links.
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